BeatinDaBlock #179 Boxes of Circles

After not winning the Powerball lottery, Kevo and Quis jump back in the studio to discuss Kevo’s food poisoning, the Powerball lottery, Janet Hubert’s response to Jada Pinkett Smith’s Oscar boycott call, Top 5 rappers turned actors, David Bowie, the Great Twitter outage of 2016, El Chapo, Mos Def being arrested in South Africa, Tichina Arnold’s relationship issues and more…


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BeatinDaBlock #174 Hearts and Minds

Kevo and Quis discuss the state of Screwed Up Music, T-Mobile’s Netflix and HBO GO plans, the Chiraq trailer, Halle Berry’s divorce, the WHO processed food alert, Twitter’s big update and more…


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BeatinDaBlock #132 Well Why Not

Kevo and Montoyis jump back in the studio for the 99 and the 2000 to discuss this bullshit weather, prom season, voicemails, Mimi Faust video, porn,
Twitter, Facebook being creepy as fuck, viagra ice cream and more…


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BeatinDaBlock #131 Return to Sender

Kevo and Montoyis return to the mic to discuss 9 month old attempted murderers, the missing plane conspiracy, Captain America 3, the Ultimate Warrior’s passing, Montoyis’s lack of Twitter participation and more…


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BeatinDaBlock #79 Finally Christmas



Kevo and Montoyis celebrate Christmas with whiskey while lamenting the loss of the children in Sandy Hook, discussing the Twitter Nielsen ratings, childhood Christmas memories also came up, Christmas songs and some more things happened.