BeatinDaBlock #178 2K16

Kevo and Quis bring in 2016 with thoughts on what they’re leaving in 2015, Bill Cosby updates, Texans playoff hopes, the 2015 Rap Up, Future’s cry for help, the BeatinDaBlock 2015 Fantasy Football Championship, NWA, BET and more…




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“Lips and a body so firm” – Bill Cosby





BeatinDaBlock #149 No Moral Victories

Montoyis and Kevo fall in and discuss the Cowboys/Texans game, Stephen Collins, Uber in Houston, flying cars, Halloween, the female ghostbusters, DC taking over tv, Gotham, The Flash and more….


BeatinDaBlock #116 Country Cousins

Kevo and Monotyis invite Karen of the Black Guy Who Tips on the show to discuss the console wars, a 48 million dollar coke loss, Amazon, The Walking Dead, the rise of Cam Newton, South Park and more…



The Black Guy Who Tips

Karen on Twitter

It’s Xbox One vs Playstation 4 this Christmas.

BeatinDaBlock #112 Pick Sixed in the Redzone

Kevo and Montoyis invite Solglo to the studio to kick it with them, the very first listener who left a voicemail, they call her The Voice, speaks with the fellas about false signals from men and women, the woman’s struggle for privacy, a woman stabbing her boyfriend for not participating in a threesome, voicemails and more…


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They were feeling like Schaub during this recording.

This is clearly not mixed signals, fellas don’t care though.

Here’s the girl in question.


Here’s Countess Vaughn.


Episode #111 The Sly Fox

Kevo and Montoyis invite Sly from The Sly Show to the studio to discuss podcasting, the Niners vs Texans game, the Sly Show of couse and more…

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The Sly Show

BeatinDaBlock #108 For the 99 and the 2000

Montoyis makes it back from San Diego and joins Kevo in the studio to discuss uh, San Diego, the BeatinDaBlock FF league rankings, a new top dog of the week, wimmins and more…


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BeatinDaBlock Episode #71 Circle of Success

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Kevo and Montoyis invite @mann_at_arms on the show to discuss the Lance Armstrong, women breastfeeding dogs,  the Texans, a historic billionaire and more…

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