BeatinDaBlock #164 TransAmerica

Kevo and Marva survive another storm and talk the NBA Championship, Female Viagra, Uwe Boll, Marvel movies, Pornhub’s porn in space campaign, the Game of Thrones Finale, Season 3 of Orange is the New Black and more…


BeatinDaBlock #156 Human Google

Kevo and Monotyis dicuss current movies, trips to Florida, Google, Microsoft 10, Microsoft Hololens, the Hyperloop, posting relationship drama on social media, TLC’s crowdfunding campaign, Obama’s SOTU address and more…


BeatinDaBlock #116 Country Cousins

Kevo and Monotyis invite Karen of the Black Guy Who Tips on the show to discuss the console wars, a 48 million dollar coke loss, Amazon, The Walking Dead, the rise of Cam Newton, South Park and more…



The Black Guy Who Tips

Karen on Twitter

It’s Xbox One vs Playstation 4 this Christmas.

BeatinDaBlock #91 Back in the Lab

Kevo and Montoyis get back in the lab to cook up commentary on Ferrari pranks, Kevo’s new cellphone dilemma, fallen podcasters, the Boston Terror attack, and more…

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