BeatinDaBlock #174 Hearts and Minds

Kevo and Quis discuss the state of Screwed Up Music, T-Mobile’s Netflix and HBO GO plans, the Chiraq trailer, Halle Berry’s divorce, the WHO processed food alert, Twitter’s big update and more…


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BeatinDaBlock #163 Transformers

Kevo and Maurva discuss Netflix ads, Akon’s African solar project, how not to get eaten by lions, Kung Fury, Dennis Rodman, Caitlyn Jenner and more…

BeatinDaBlock #159 Daring The Devil

Kevo and Marva get together and discuss Daredevil, the 4400, Burger King as a wedding planner, the presidential election of 2016, Destiny’s Child tour, one woman’s amazing time with Wu Tang Clan, killer robots and more…