BeatinDaBlock #178 2K16

Kevo and Quis bring in 2016 with thoughts on what they’re leaving in 2015, Bill Cosby updates, Texans playoff hopes, the 2015 Rap Up, Future’s cry for help, the BeatinDaBlock 2015 Fantasy Football Championship, NWA, BET and more…




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“Lips and a body so firm” – Bill Cosby





BeatinDaBlock #171 Get Off My Lawn MTV – The New Version

Kevo and Marva get inquisitive and discuss the 2015 VMAs, Fear the Walking Dead, the return of Blue Bell ice cream, the office baboon, the 2015 BeatinDaBlock fantasy football league, Kanye West 2020 and more…

BeatinDaBlock #153 Rap Inception

Kevo and Montoyis finally get back in the studio and discuss Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Sony Hacks, Cash Money, Comic Book Television Shows, Spiderman, Fantasy Football Playoffs, the Texans, and more…


BeatinDaBlock #148 Pinked Us

Kevo and Montoyis dicuss Master P’s newest venture, celebrity nudes, Cornrows, white house fence jumpers, gangsta shit, football and more…


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