BeatinDaBlock #179 Boxes of Circles

After not winning the Powerball lottery, Kevo and Quis jump back in the studio to discuss Kevo’s food poisoning, the Powerball lottery, Janet Hubert’s response to Jada Pinkett Smith’s Oscar boycott call, Top 5 rappers turned actors, David Bowie, the Great Twitter outage of 2016, El Chapo, Mos Def being arrested in South Africa, Tichina Arnold’s relationship issues and more…


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BeatinDaBlock #178 2K16

Kevo and Quis bring in 2016 with thoughts on what they’re leaving in 2015, Bill Cosby updates, Texans playoff hopes, the 2015 Rap Up, Future’s cry for help, the BeatinDaBlock 2015 Fantasy Football Championship, NWA, BET and more…




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“Lips and a body so firm” – Bill Cosby




BeatinDaBlock #171 Get Off My Lawn MTV – The New Version

Kevo and Marva get inquisitive and discuss the 2015 VMAs, Fear the Walking Dead, the return of Blue Bell ice cream, the office baboon, the 2015 BeatinDaBlock fantasy football league, Kanye West 2020 and more…

BeatinDaBlock #164 TransAmerica

Kevo and Marva survive another storm and talk the NBA Championship, Female Viagra, Uwe Boll, Marvel movies, Pornhub’s porn in space campaign, the Game of Thrones Finale, Season 3 of Orange is the New Black and more…

BeatinDaBlock #161 “Almost Doesn’t Count”

Kevo and Maurva slid in the studio and talk about George Zimmerman, Matthew Apperson, Age of Ultron, JaRule on Fox News, Hilary Clinton, the Mayweather Pacquiao fight, Joss Whedon quitting Twitter and more…


BeatinDaBlock #159 Daring The Devil

Kevo and Marva get together and discuss Daredevil, the 4400, Burger King as a wedding planner, the presidential election of 2016, Destiny’s Child tour, one woman’s amazing time with Wu Tang Clan, killer robots and more…



BeatinDaBlock #156 Human Google

Kevo and Monotyis dicuss current movies, trips to Florida, Google, Microsoft 10, Microsoft Hololens, the Hyperloop, posting relationship drama on social media, TLC’s crowdfunding campaign, Obama’s SOTU address and more…


BeatinDaBlock #148 Pinked Us

Kevo and Montoyis dicuss Master P’s newest venture, celebrity nudes, Cornrows, white house fence jumpers, gangsta shit, football and more…


Check Montoyis out on The Lip Smacking Good Podcast w/ Karen aka

BeatinDaBlock #147 A Special Union

Montoyis shares some good news and the fellas discuss the black burger in Japan, FF recaps, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Iggy Azalea’s sex tape and more…


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