BeatinDaBlock #143 I woke up like diss

Kevo and Montoyis discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, Ebola in America, CyberpowerPC, Coal Rollers, Beyonce’s remix, the 2014 Fantasy Football league, tipping and more…


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BeatinDaBlock #135 Swing and a Miss

Montoyis and Kevo talk about the struggle, Sci-Fi movies crammin in love stories, parents against Marvel, Darwinism, Donald Sterling for hopefully the last time, Macklemore vs the Jews, Michael Sam, and more…


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BeatinDaBlock #131 Return to Sender

Kevo and Montoyis return to the mic to discuss 9 month old attempted murderers, the missing plane conspiracy, Captain America 3, the Ultimate Warrior’s passing, Montoyis’s lack of Twitter participation and more…


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BeatinDaBlock #126 Dulce De Liberty

Kevo and Montoyis invite Rod and Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips on the show to discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Podcasters, the black Johnny Storm, being called the N word in certain circles, the Girl Scout cookie hustle, Hollywood Cism, the Xbox One and PS4 console innovations, racist license plates and more…


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BeatinDaBlock #123 That Old Thang

Kevo and Motoyis discuss the Super Bowl, Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore, Black Astronauts, Black Histroy Month, Rap vs Hip-Hop and more…


BeatinDaBlock Episode #110 Google That

Kevo and Montoyis invite SoccerTalkLuis to the studio to trade Texans/Cowboys slander, give an update on the BeatinDaBlock Fantasy Football League, Soccer, FIFA 2014, Valve’s Steamboxes, Kanye’s BBC interview and more…


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BeatinDaBlock #78 Marvel Madness

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Kevo and Montoyis invite Tim D O Double G on the show to discuss Kliqnation, Marvel vs DC, the Cold Slither Podcast, Serena Williams, 2013 movies, and more…

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