BeatinDaBlock #130 Obama can play Titanfall

Kevo and Montoyis bring the ruckus in the studio once again while discussing Judge Joe Brown’s arrest, the state of hip-hop, Obama playing Titanfall, listening to Adele makes you gay, voicemails and other things of that nature.


BeatinDaBlock #128 Metaphizzal

BeatinDaBlock offers up a bit of commentary about the world from the perspective of the hosts. Anything discussed on the show should not be taken seriously and @BeatinDaBlock does not necessarily agree with the hosts of this show. Viewer advised.


BeatinDaBlock #127 Final Answer

Kevo and Montoyis hop back in the studio to discuss the Oscars, Lupita, Steve McQueen, 12 Years a Slave, mingling with other podcasters, the Houston Rodeo, lil tink tink, Microsoft’s Siri, Da Brat, voicemails, show reviews and more…