BeatinDaBlock #126 Dulce De Liberty

Kevo and Montoyis invite Rod and Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips on the show to discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Podcasters, the black Johnny Storm, being called the N word in certain circles, the Girl Scout cookie hustle, Hollywood Cism, the Xbox One and PS4 console innovations, racist license plates and more…


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Check out Karen on Twitter at SayDatAgain


3 comments on “BeatinDaBlock #126 Dulce De Liberty

  1. I’m listening to your show and I’m in Georgia. You all mentioned the tag and I was one of the people that was like, “why are y’all mad about the tag now?” While I know where I live and I don’t necessarily like the flag being displayed, they’ve had a tag for years. It’s not new, people just don’t pay attention to their surroundings. GA recently changed the tag designs and I guess people just noticed that tag… People have the right to be upset if they like, but it’d be nice if we were early rather than extra late with complaints on issues.

  2. I’ve been leery of the confederate flag, they fly them in Texas as well. The fact that the Georgian government doesn’t understand why some people are opposed to it is what concerns me. – Kevo

  3. I’m with you, RhondaMo. Folks look for reasons to be mad. A LOT. It’s their prerogative to be in their feelings about things. The Confederate Flag carries negative historical connotations but it ain’t going anywhere. If you don’t like the tag, don’t get one and move along.

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