BeatinDaBlock #116 Country Cousins

Kevo and Monotyis invite Karen of the Black Guy Who Tips on the show to discuss the console wars, a 48 million dollar coke loss, Amazon, The Walking Dead, the rise of Cam Newton, South Park and more…



The Black Guy Who Tips

Karen on Twitter

It’s Xbox One vs Playstation 4 this Christmas.


2 comments on “BeatinDaBlock #116 Country Cousins

  1. Hi Guys,

    Hello from a fellow southerner from GA. Listening to your current podcast… I live in the hood and we have a chick fil A. Maybe it’s because Chick fil A’s HQ is here… anyways, this store is special because it has strawberry Fanta and none of the others I’ve been to serve that deliciousness.

  2. Thanks for listening! I think you’re right. Y’all probably get a special pass because it started there. Strawberry Fanta is serious business! I’m gonna look for the next time I go. Call in and holler at us! (281)668-7438

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