BeatinDaBlock #72 Thriller Night

Kevo & Montoyis kick off Halloween with cannibal stories, ghosts, ghostbusters, wack rappers, human flesh, funerals, and more… Happy Halloween!



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Who’s the worst rapper of all time? This week’s poll opens.


We’ve thought about it, talked about it on the show, now let’s vote on it. Early voting is now open for this week’s poll.


BeatinDaBlock Episode #71 Circle of Success

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Kevo and Montoyis invite @mann_at_arms on the show to discuss the Lance Armstrong, women breastfeeding dogs,  the Texans, a historic billionaire and more…

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This week’s poll: Who will win the Presidential Debates?

Presidential Debate

This Week’s Poll


Kevo & Montoyis discussed the possibility of Apple releasing a new iPad Mini this year. Kevo says it’s definitely coming, Montoyis says it’s all bullshit. Help settle this dispute between the fellas. Do you think an iPad Mini will be available for Christmas?